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Break-through research on allegory in our spiritual heritage

Break-through research on allegory and symbolic language contained in our spiritual heritage – Iceland

Góðan dag,
I hope you‘ll like to hear all about the profound spirituality and pure theosophy contained in our (much-misunderstood) ancient forni siður.

Pls fw to friends who might be interested

Óðsmál –

Freyja a space-time foam bubble, one of many
and Afrodita is too,
how to lay the bridge Bifröst (pronounce ´Biff-roest), layer by layer,
and how Bifröst leads, in time, to Valhöll for us fully alive,
learn to nýsa niður (Hávamál), in other words:
take a trip on Sleipnir (our nervous system)
to reach Ásgarður, the divine sphere of Laws of Nature – preferably twice daily,
as we now have learned the purpose and goal of our (many) human life-spans,
and how to reach that.

see also educational videos on Youtube (playlists)
Please enjoy

Guðrún Kristín Magnúsdóttir